The Washclub story has two parts to it. It all began with Layla and her family.


Part one of the story

Hi I'm Layla, 

Welcome to The Washclub, our family enterprise formed from our love of fantastic real soap. A journey that began in 2015 with a visit to master soap makers Savon de la Licorne in Marseilles.

Collectively we have all committed to reducing our waste, particularly plastic, and thinking about our collective ethical responsibility and environmental impact.

Our mission is to source and supply products that we love that meet our family values; plastic free, sustainable and zero waste.

Art by Haneen Najilah - Instagram; emesa_haneen_art


Part two of the story

Andrew Denny Director of Independence Clubs CIC

Hi I'm Andrew,

Back in January 2022 Layla met with me. I wanted to create a business to support people with special needs and Autism to tackle the difficulties they face in gaining employment. Layla could see the passion and drive and strong ethos that myself and the Independence Clubs CIC held and agreed to sell her business to us! Layla still has involvement with The Washclub and thats great for us as she has a wealth of knowledge and this ensures we have a great team to help grow the business.


We are looking to make a change in our community through SOAP!

5.1% of adults with a learning disability known to their local authority in England are in paid work (NHS Digital, 2021)
Now this is shocking to us!
The Washclub is proud to be a part of Independence Clubs CIC a not for profit company that works alongside people with Autism and learning disabilities creating real life work experience and jobs.
We support some amazing individuals with amazing talents and skills they just need a mindful employer that can unlock these abilities. We support incredible artists, dancers and performers, people that have an eye for detail and people that love repetition.
We have created a company that not only provides superior service and products but also works in a way that will be flexible to meet the needs of our staff.
The Washclub 2.0 was born!
Our edge is that we are not driven by profits but we are driven by providing the right environment for our staff to achieve! We are confident that you will love our products and will keep coming back time and time again.
Please follow our journey and help us grow.
Thank you.